In memorium, 1939 - 2023

About My Work

My paintings have abstract interpretations of houses that are similar to those in earlier works. The houses are symbolic of life changes and domestic situations that have surrounded my professional development.

Dreams, memory, and invention inform my images. Embracing whimsy and playfulness, I allow real and imagined forms to dwell together.

My favorite surface for recent oil paintings is linen that I stretch over a wood panel. The uneven texture of the linen and the firm foundation of the panel support both the organic and geometric aspects of my art. I work into the primed linen with thin oil paint, then gradually build the painting in layers on that background.

Recent assemblages in wire and found objects are fanciful constructions that use handwork, such as knitting, as well as unlikely juxtapositions that echo absurdity and commercial exploitation, or "kitch" in our culture.