Recent paintings use abstract versions of houses; these appear in earlier works as well. Dreams, memory, landscape, and invention all inspire my images. I have used both nonobjective abstraction and observed representation. I embrace whimsy and playfulness. After seeing the film “1984”, I made several abstract collages that parody current politics.

My favorite surface for the most recent oil paintings is linen that I have stretched over a wood panel. The uneven texture of the linen and the firm support of the panel underneath appeal to both the organic and geometric aspects of my art. I work into the primed linen with thin oil paint, then gradually build the painting in layers on that background.
Symbols, dreams, memory, landscape and biology, as well as observation, have all inspired my art, in both abstraction and figuration. 

I respond to surprises that develop throughout the painting process. My original intentions for the image may progress with new details and color intereactions. 

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