“I couldn’t stop looking at it for 5 minutes, or maybe more”.“You do beautiful works of art Dorothy.  Each one is an adventure, visually”.

These are quotes in recent responses to my work. I embrace the idea of each work “being an adventure”, not only for the viewer, but for me, as well.

I have always had a sense of whimsy and play in my work, even in images that reflect serious matters.
What I perceive as the present state of absurdity in the country and the world is reflected in recent collages,  such as “Eavesdropping and Broadcasting Device”, “Theater of the Absurd”and “Shelter in Place”.

Throughout my development, I have used abstraction, sometimes combining it with observation, memory, symbolism, and invention. Recent collages repurpose  fragments of older work, as well as specifically painted and drawn elements. I enjoy  making a collage that creates order out of previously unrelated passages. Surprises and connections of design that occur in the process are part of both the challenge and the fun.

I created a series of small oil paintings in 2017, and I continue with a new series in 2019.


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